Is on the road! Tania Llasera and the other presenters, the Telecinco fulminó

The goodbye-final de Tania Llasera Telecinco

So just a few days ago, Tania Llasera by an emotional message on her profile of Instagram. The end of a step was more on the tips of the toes, and to not catch the. A movement proclaims, like a star, has instead crashed something without which, it is said, so long, that no large project on the part of the string, that’s for sure, we have said good-bye. “Of this first program, go through all of up on #RealMom that was the last, I’m grown and have learned so much that can’t be summed up in words. I love you, see you soon”. With these words Llasera said, with a up soon… it will be that he wants to burn his last cartridge and he throws a note on the chain, or don’t want to brisca and say simply say goodbye?

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